Women's Report
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The rise of the black woman: Celebrating black women’s excellence

In celebration of the 10th year of publication, the 2020 Women’s Report reflects on the rise of the black woman. Very little is written about black women’s workplace successes and wisdom. We address this discrepancy by celebrating black women’s excellence.

A celebration of excellence would not be complete without words of wisdom and encouragement to the next generation of women.

Twelve black women of note — women who have excelled in their respective fields — have graciously narrated their life stories and views about their success.

Proudly standing for women’s workplace equity and equality, the Women’s Report aims to provide thoughtful insights corroborated by facts that not only encourage dialogue but speak for those who can’t.

The latest from our blog

  • My lockdown experience has been filled with mixed emotions. Ups and downs. Wins and losses. The organisation I currently work for ensured a very smooth transition into the work from home (WFH) experience. The week of the announcement we were given the opportunity to take our computer equipment home and set up stations for ourselves. At first, the idea of the lockdown was comical, to say the least. A 3-week vacation from the office where we could wake up late and have our morning meetings in bed. The last day in the office we all jokingly said our goodbyes and headed for home....

  • Working from home has given me the freedom to express myself in finding a 'new' me. I have enjoyed exploring fresh and enlightening ways to live a more balanced and healthier life. This has also contributed to me being more confident and has reinforced my passion for what I do. I find that I am more focused on the 'Why' which defines the purpose of my responsibilities as opposed to it just being my job. What better way to express my true self within the comfort and security of my home and defining and reassuring me that I am truly who I am meant to be?...

  • My birthday also took place during the heart of the lockdown. For the first time in my life, I would be alone on the day, however special people in my life made sure I still felt the love from various corners of the globe, literally! Netflorist was very busy that day... and it all made me appreciate the blessings that are the people in my life. How people went out of their way to make sure I got an extraordinary and special birthday actually made it one of the most memorable birthdays ever....

What is the Women’s Report?

Conceptualised from the need to map the field of women at work and recognising the lack of accessible evidence-based writing about women in paid work in South Africa, the Women’s Report was born in 2011. Initial topics revolved around the author’s choices and interests but soon the Women’s Report developed into an authoritative annual publication about topical themes relating to the life-worlds and lived experiences of African women.

The Women’s Report informs academic, practitioner and line manager audiences. Interest from the public has grown strongly since 2014 when the topic of Work and Women’s Reproduction was introduced. The Women’s Report 2020 is proudly sponsored by the University of Stellenbosch Business School and is distributed in association with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP).